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Sun Jan 17 2021

What is CSAT and how can you use it

Keeping an eye on your customer satisfaction is not only essential in maintaining a relevant product but is a crucial aspect if you want to ensure and build customer loyalty. The Customer Satisfaction Score, also known as CSAT, is a simple but powerful tool which goes along way in helping you achieve this goal.


Thu Nov 19 2020

How to setup Survey Lens in your Android project

This blogpost shows you step by step how to setup Survey Lens in your android project. From integration to launching your first survey within 5 minutes.


Mon Nov 09 2020

Continuously measure product market fit

There are countless reasons which can lead to a companies downfall. One that is often hard to understand but crucial to get right is: Product Market Fit. Companies lose track of their market all the time and a really great product can not compensate for the lack of a market and paying customers.



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