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Continuous customer satisfaction tracking

Use non-interruptive, quick surveys to learn about your products perception

available soon for iOS, Android and Web


Collect quantitative data through tiny surveys

  • Ask a single question at a time
  • Use predefined answers to make results comparable
  • Use our libraries for a native experience
  • Get answers in a timely manner
  • Monitor answers while your product changes

Learn with ease what your users think and keep the feedback loop as short as possible

Monitor your customer satisfaction over time to ensure your product moves in the right direction

Fill the gap classic analytics data fails to answer

Avoid web based surveys and use our native libraries instead

Take advantage of our predefined surveys to get you started.

Control when and where users are presented with one of your micro surveys


🛠  How it works

Choose your Survey Type 👉 👇

Create your yes/no survey

Survey Lens makes it easy to create a quick yes or no survey


Mobile app surveys

Use quick yes/no surveys to collect a high amount of distinct answers for simple questions. Surveys like gathering customer satisfaction data blend right into your native app.


Mobile app surveys

Use quick yes/no surveys to collect a high amount of distinct answers for simple questions. Surveys like gathering customer satisfaction data blend right into your native app.

Analyse the results

Survey results are presented in an intuitive readable way. Look at collected data and learn how product changes affect your users product perception. The easy to read charts make Survey Lens an every day companion and the perfect CRM software.


🧩 The Missing Piece

Most companies evaluate their work and make decisions based on event driven data from services like Firebase Analytics, Google Analytics or Mixpanel often times complimented by user surveys.

Automatically captured events and user properties provide deep insights but misses out on how users actually feel. User surveys on the other hand focus on subjective answers but are hard to analyse.

Services like Firebase Analytics, Google Analytics or Mixpanel provide insights into how your product gets used. Although tools like these collect massive amounts of data in the background, they are only able to tell how your product is used, but still fail to answer some essantial questions about your users. Are they happy with the latest product changes. What painpoints they have. Which features they miss the most. Are they satisfied with your content. By solely relying on event based analytics data, you miss out on deep insights to learn what users really want and build a future proof product.

Survey Lens is more than a simple survey maker. It is easy to integrate into existing Android or iOS apps and speeds up developing mobile apps. Surveying customer satisfaction is but only one aspect, you can get feedback about planned features or adapt your roadmap based on real customer responses.



How can Survey Lens help improve customer satisfaction?

Asking questions helps you understand your users. Use customer satisfaction surveys to keep in touch with your users. Without extra coding you can continuously get feedback from users and keep an eye on customer satisfaction. Survey Lens is a great CRM software tool, it`s ability to blend in with your native apps makes it a great CRM for any business.

I already use another analytics tool!

This is fine, our intention is not to replace quantitative analytics tools but to give you the possibility to get information from a different angle. Asking direct questions to your users provides entirely different insights then screenview counts or app launch events. Survey Lens is made to improve your customer relation.

How can I sign up? Is it really free?

We are currently in closed beta. But you can start using it right now, just get in touch with us to get started. You even have the benefit that our beta partners get a free account as well as the possibility to give feedback for new features. We want to help build better apps, that is why Survey Lens is a great CRM for small businesses and all developers who care about customer satisfaction.

Which platforms do you support?

Our library will be available for iOS, Android and Web. The dependencies are native implementations to best support the platform and adapt to the look and feel of your app!

I am not sure how to start.

Making the usage of our service as easy as possible is one of our main concerns, after all it should help you to improve your product. So if you have any questions or doubt about getting started just contact us - we are always willing to help!

Isn't asking questions annoying to our users?

That entirely depends on the questions you ask ;). Asking good questions can even help to make your users feel noticed. And the cool thing about Survey Lens is that you can define how often a question is shown and change the phrasing of questions and answers - all just from the web dashboard without the need to update anything in your app.

How can Survey Lens help with mobile development?

We know developing mobile apps for Android or iPhones is a lot of work. Therefore our service aims to help at mobile app development. With just one line of code you can embedd native mobile surveys into your Android or iOS app. Even after your app is deployed, you always can control and change your mobile surveys from the web interface.

What about privacy?

We think privacy is actually an important thing. That is exactly why we don`t generate a lot of metadata without your users even knowing, but instead we only track the answers given willingly by your users.




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